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Apocalypse Man full episode

Apocalypse Man Reyes demonstrates various techniques for surviving interesting post-apocalyptic scenarios. In the pilot, Reyes uses a bike pump to siphon diesel fuel to power a hospital’s generator, creates a makeshift grappling-hook to scale...


Self-Reliance Key to Surviving Yellowstone

IN NEW NOVEL, SELF-RELIANCE KEY TO SURVIVING YELLOWSTONE CALDERA SUPER-ERUPTION   In the new apocalyptic novel, Yellowstone, New Hampshire-based author K.R.Nilsen creates a cooperative, self-contained, and highly self-sufficient community by the name of Independency,...


U.S. Military Nbc Suit

This is a detailed look at the U.S. Military’s M.O.P.P. or NBC suit, it’s components, and some of the accessories. I am missing a mask, overboots & gloves.

LDS Prepardness Manual 2012 0

LDS Prepardness Manual 2012

Just wanted to pass this information along to you for your subscribers… The new 2012 15th Anniversary Edition of the LDS Preparedness Manual is now available for FREE DOWNLOAD from www.ldsavow.com Title: LDS Preparedness...